A LIFE Sentence for DUI? By: Charles L. Sifers

In Oklahoma, the WORSE possible DUI (that doesn’t involve an injury or death) is a third time FELONY DUI. This would require – at a minimum – a total of FOUR arrests. The first one would have to have been a misdemeanor of which you were convicted. (While this is not likely with our office in most courts, I suppose it could occur.) And, the next two (2) would have to have been filed as felonies AND convictions resulting from BOTH. If that occurred, this fourth case would be a THIRD time Felony DUI. This third time felony DUI provides the MAXIMUM punishments for the crime of DUI in Oklahoma. That punishment is a fine up to $5,000 and or a ten (10) year jail sentence. As long as there is no death or injury, this is the MOST that a person can face in this State.

That ain’t the case everywhere.

In Texas, this SAME scenario can get you a LIFE SENTENCE. That’s right: LIFE. A recent case illustrates this (click here to read about this case). Plus, I have become aware that there may be an many as 100 people in Texas doing life for DUI convictions right now. And, again, for DUI’s that did not result in a death or injury.

So, while our laws are strict – and in many ways flat out harsh – it most certainly could be much worse. And, the legislature in our State is working RIGHT NOW on making our laws even more harsh. Do NOT be surprised to see me post something before the end of this year that reflects a change of the law that gets us MUCH closer to Texas. ‘Cuz, I believe it is coming. 


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