An email I received about Last Night’s News Story . . . .

Today, I have had several people comment to me about last night’s story on KFOR about the pending Bill (see my earlier blog post) to make convicted DUI offenders carry an “alcohol restricted” license prohibiting them from buying or drinking any alcohol AND to make the rest of US in Oklahoma insure that they don’t by charging us with a FELONY when we fail to do so.  Mostly, though, the comments have been about the same type of comment that I received after most other news stories that I have done in the past.  You know, general compliments and/or generally agreeing with whatever I was being interviewed about.  Many just said stuff like  “Saw you on TV last night.”   However, today, I received a comment that was different.  I received a copy of an email that had been sent by a fellow Oklahoman to the State Senator that wrote this Bill.   The email itself was an exact copy of that he sent Senator Anderson.  In this email the sender called for Senator Anderson to worry more about the militarization of all of our law enforcement departments and less about letting a DUI offender buy a beer.  And, he asked the senator to as our representative, to defend our remaining freedoms rather than remove them.  Strong stuff.  I agree with him.  And I appreciate him sending it to me.

But, while I have received many recognitions (both locally and nationally and that you can read about elsewhere) for my professional efforts and achievements, this email ALSO contained probably the highest compliment I have ever received.  You see, while the email was the same as he sent Anderson, the SUBJECT line of the email copy he addressed to me read:


Wow.  That was humbling.

So, to that man that sent this to me, here is something for you:

If you don’t fight for freedom, you give it away without protest.  Stand free or kneel chained.


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“The People should NOT be afraid of the Government. The Government should be afraid of the People“.



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