DUI vs. Cell Phone Driving vs. Sleepy Driving by Charles L. Sifers

What’s next?  Driving under the influence of the cell phone?  Or, under the influence of being sleepy?

I recently heard the tail-end of a news story about some local legislator wanting to add a law prohibiting the use of cell phones while driving.  The story cited the large number of wrecks caused by people on the phone while driving.  The proposed legislation would make the crime punishable by 20 days in the county jail. 

But wait, I thought the problem was drunk drivers?  Well, maybe not so much.

Our legislator might have a point.  On Larry Taylor’s blog today, he lists the TRUE numbers concerning injuries and deaths related to alcohol CAUSED accidents.  (See his blog at http://www.duiblog.com/2007/07/30/most-dangerous-drunk-drowsy-or-distracted/)  It appears that MADD’s numbers are bloated with instances which DO NOT belong in this these numbers.  And . . . . , when these true numbers are compared to the the injuries and deaths caused on the road by drivers using their cell phones, they are about the same.  In other words, cell phone driving is as likely to cause “carnage on the road” (MADD loves to use that phrase about DUI’s) as drunk driving.   In ANY event, it is evidence that drunk driving is NOT the problem that all those people with agendas have made  – and continue to make – it out to be.

Larry further inidcates that being SLEEPY while driving is about as bad.  When the numbers for cell phone driving AND sleepy driving are combined, THESE behaviors cause MORE PROBLEMS on the road than drinking and driving do.  

In sum, it is clear to me that the push for ANTI-DUI laws should stop.  This political “whipping boy” needs a rest.  There are FAR MORE things that cause problems on the road than DUI.  

Charles L. Sifers

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