A Good Week for the Clients of Sifers & Sifers Law Office

A pretty good week for our clients.

Monday started the week off slow (as every Monday should!) and we were successful in scoring license revocation modifications (work permits) for two of our clients. Not all that impressive.

But, Tuesday told us the week was going to be a good one. It started with getting the judge to continue a case so our client could finish in-patient treatment (when he does, NO JAIL TIME), even though he is on probation for TWO felony DUI’s and is facing 20 years for a NEW DUI case! Then, it ended with convincing a DA in a different county that he had to charge my client ONLY with a misdemeanor DU, even though he had had MANY previous DUI’s (the last one a felony), AND then closing the case with no jail time and a fine.

Wednesday saw one of clients get a deferred sentence on a felony drug charge (AND a DUI) even though he had had a PRIOR DUI in that same court house less than a year before! At the very same time this was going down, license hearings were being won for two of our clients and each got his drivers license back from the DPS. That same afternoon, we were successful in getting the DA to agree to transfer one of our client’s drug court program to a completely different county (unheard of!) so she can complete this course in the town where she lives.

Thursday was off the charts. Our Bond Motion for a client was granted. This one deserves expansion. The guy was arrested for two felony DUI’s about 3 weeks apart and posted the standard bond for each. When the charges were filed, the DA’s Office went to a judge of the court and requested the bond be increased 50 times! 5000%! He was arrested and jailed with a $200,000 bond for 2 DUI’s!! A different judge of that court agreed with us that this was WHOLLY improper, reduced the bonds BACK to the original amount, and the client was released that day. Then straight from THAT hearing, we were in Federal District Court on a DUI where the U.S. Attorney threw in the towel and amended the DUI to a Reckless Driving with only a fine. No jail. No probation. Just a fine.

Then, to paraphrase a well known book, “on the [fifth day of the week], we rested.”

And, NEXT week’s not looking bad at this point. From what we could gather yesterday, we expect the Jury Trial that is set for Monday to see the DA dismiss the charge that morning.

Like I said at the beginning: A pretty good week for these ten people. Frankly, that’s an understatement. As conceited as it sounds, it was a smart move for these folks to have hired us to handle their cases!


Charles L. Sifers  

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