Not a bad outcome in Noble County District Court last week . . ..  Client with a CDL had DUI there.  He took a test and had a test result of WAY over the .08% minimum level.  However, the test is inadmissible because the maintenance on the machine was not done in accordance with the Rules AND recent caselaw.  He was proactive and completed an assessment and all of the requirements therefrom.  I presented proof of his efforts to the ADA.  I showed the ADA the problem with the breath test.  To his credit as a reasonable and honorable prosecutor, he took all this into consideration and (to my surprise), he dismissed the case in open court.  This means that my client’s CDL did NOT end up being disqualified.  When his license hearing is conducted, the revocation due to the test will be set aside.  His livelihood is, and will be, protected.  He was more than pleased.

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