For our “readers”

I write stuff and put it on this page. Frankly, it is more for my office (or ME) than anyone esle. Well, that is what I thought anyway.

The other day, a client came by to discuss his case with me.  Kind of an update thing.  While we were talking, he told me that he had read EVERYTHING on this blog and was very impressed. Everything?  Wow.  I was impressed. I – like I said – didn’t know anyone read these except me. (Well, not exactly true: David Prater, the District Attorney of Oklahoma County, told me once that he had some program which searched the web for anything that had his name within it and once saw a post I put up regarding how his office would treat an arrested peace officer no differently for a DUI than anyone else.  So, Hi, David!).

SO, if you are reading these posts, here is a couple of new ones. Things that I think should be “blogged”.


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