Forced Blood Draws – Acceptance of Insanity? – By: Jeff Sifers

MSNBC recently posted this article:

In it, police officers in Idaho & Texas were interviewed about their training in drawing blood from people that they suspected of being under the influence. One officer was quoted as saying that he goes so far as to case the vehicles that he pulls beside to determine if the driver had good, big, fat veins from which he could draw blood. Other officers stated that they would resort to “force” like “using another officer to hold someone down” in order to get their sample. Really?!?! And, people in these states are OK with this? I have seen too many “mistakes in judgment” by the officer and too many questionable cases created and prosecuted on these suspicions to find that the safety of the public outweighs this Gestapo tactic endorsed by the agents of our Government. Any time that you can look at a log of breath tests and see that an officer who arrested someone because they were “under the influence” where that person finally blew a breath score of 0.00% should make anyone realize that forced blood draws are simply way too much power to have in the possession of these maniacs. One can only hope that this type of insanity stays outside of Oklahoma’s borders.

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