I Hope this Stupid Little Trick costs the Government MILLIONS by Charles L. Sifers

One of the stupidist tricks of which I have ever heard occurred in Oceanside, California earlier this month.  The government faked the death of a popular student at El Camino High School there and announced it to the school as having occurred in a DUI car wreck.  It was hoax.  This was for the purpose of shocking the students into the realization of how it would feel – if the student or anyone that they loved or cared about – were to be killed by a “drunk driver”.  Click HERE to read it for yourself.  It was supposedly a program to help curb the instnaces of drunk driving upon these students. 

Just how stupid are these people?

While the OUTRAGE among the students and their parents was immediate and loud, the school and the Highway Patrol defended their actions.  Well, that doesn’t surprise me much.  Does it you?  I wonder how the Highway patrol would have felt if the students had called them and announced that one of their patrolman had been killed in front of the school?  Although a hoax, let’s say they claimed it was to cause the local law enforcement to pay more attention to the crime rate in the area.  Think the cops would have NOT been upset?  How many people do YOU think would have been arrested for reported a false crime, or worse, a false death?  Think anybody would have been prosecuted for this?  You can bet the house on it.

But, I’d bet that NOBODY will be criminally prosecuted for this in Oceanside.  Therefore, I hope some of my brothers and sisters of the Bar in that State bring multi-million civil actions against EVERYBODY involved, and the government has to pay through the nose.  It has earned this time.

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