Standardized Field Sobriety Tests put to the test in California News Story

This is a great news story.  November 1, 2011 Oklahoma law will change and allow any law enforcement person who has received training in field tests to testify as opinion witnesses as to the tests validity.  I’m glad this story spent some time getting the opinion of some real people and what they think of these “tests”.

For those of you who will invest the time to watch the video, make sure you pay attention to the fact that the reporter qualifies the tests by saying that anyone who scores a .00% on a PBT (portable breath test – device) would be released.  It’s important to note that she, although having blown .000, would likely have been arrested by “officer” (and my good friend) Bruce Kapsack based upon his opinion of her performance.  This is hugely important here in Oklahoma because our Board of Tests has yet to officially approve any PBT as a valid, reliable device for roadside testing.

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