The Declaration of Independence: Would YOU have signed it?

The 4th of July.  A day off.  A time to play.  Go to the lake.  Cook out.  Enjoy family and friends.  Get a sun burn.  Shoot off fireworks (if your city will let you!) or at least go watch some.  And, maybe celebrate the actual REASON for the holiday:  The Declaration of Independence.  Have you ever read it?  Here it is.  Take a few minutes and read it and come back.  I’ll wait.

The reason for this holiday is a group of men voted to declare the English colonies located in America free from British rule.  These guys are now thought of as our “Founding Fathers”.  But, back then they were major radicals; nothing like any self-proclaimed “conservative” today.  Indeed, just the opposite.  They were declaring the END of life as the estimated 2.5 million people living in those thirteen colonies knew it.  Certainly, that was good in some ways.  But, you can be equally certain that they were MANY “conservatives” in those colonies who did not want it.  And when they did this, they absolutely GUARANTEED a war with the most powerful country on the planet at that time.

Well, it worked out.  We won.  They established the greatest country in the world.  And as a result, ALL those 56 signors – those “Founding Fathers” or heroes (here’s the list of them) – of that document that was sent to the King have the highest place in our history.

Ever thought about what was at stake for those guys?  These guys were doing pretty good.  Look at their professions.  They were NOT the poor folks of this nation.  They had a BUNCH to lose beyond just their lives.  No one knew for sure how all that was going to turn out when they signed it.  While their actions resulted in a good thing; a FINE thing, they caused a war that destroyed many people’s lives.  Ever wondered what happened to those guys?  Here is what history tells us.   So, while not as a direct result of their signatures on this document, the INDIRECT effect produced no small amount of harm to them and others.  Worth it?  No doubt.  No question.  But again, none of them knew for sure.  It was MAJOR GUTS.  Possibly the most radical act in history.

But, the point to this blog entry is this question:  Would YOU have had the nerve – the guts – to have signed that document?  Ask yourself that question.  Answer it HONESTLY, in light of your life, your responsibilities and commitments to your family, and – like those guys – without knowing WHAT was going to happen OTHER THAN you were about to go to war with the world’s baddest country and they’d likely be looking for YOU?

That’s a tough one, huh?

So, as you pop your firecrackers and eat your hot dogs tomorrow, think about this.  When I did, it put a WHOLE other light on tomorrow.

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